Bengaluru International Short Film Festival

BISFF was conceived on an ambitious dream-fuelled evening, and the strength provided by multi-award winner Prakash Belawadi came to fruition, Prakash who continues to be the festival mentor. The idea of BISFF was to create a platform for young and amateur filmmakers where they could screen their shorts to discerning audiences and, more importantly, find constructive and critical feedback from experts in the field. In the very first edition of the festival in 2010, there were only a total of 40 short films submitted. This number rose to 3500+ shorts in 2020, where we saw an eclectic mix of Indian and foreign language films. The journey has been a struggle, but a very thrilling and fulfilling one. Today BISFF has the distinction of being one of the largest Short Film Festivals in India. BISFF showcases shorts from across the world, creating a physical space for a great experience of cinema. It brings together keen, like-minded audiences for the filmmakers and also exhibits works by past masters who have dabbled in short filmmaking that today is an independent art form.

Additionally, the festival presents talks, panel discussions, demonstrations, and workshops with leading thinkers, professionals, and industry practitioners, providing an opportunity for young filmmakers to interact with the best in the industry.