BISFF Winners 2022

International Competition

Winner - Adopt A Dog
Directed by Juan Manuel Barreda
First Runner - Murder Tongue
Directed by Ali Sohail Jaura
Second Runner - An Encounter
Directed by Kelly Campbell

Indian Competition

Winner - The Horse From Heaven
Directed by Maharshi Kashyap
First Runner - Kiss
Directed by Varun Grover
First Runner - Kopfkino
Directed by Veena Leela Bharati
Second Runner - The Silent Echo
Directed by Suman Sen

Animation Competition

Winner - Death And The Winemaker
Directed by Victor Jaquier
First Runner - Kandittundu (Seen it)
Directed by Adithi Krishnadas
Second Runner - The Cave
Directed by Jinman Kim, Jiyoung Chon
Second Runner - Run Totti Run
Directed by Shad Lee Bradbury

Women's Cinema Collective

Winner - My Heart Is An Ocean
Directed by Tanvi Jadwani
First Runner - Soulmates
Directed by Manya Gadhok
Second Runner - Raavi
Directed by Jasmine Kaur Roy
Special Mention - Swarna
Directed by Anusha Rao

Let's Include Competition

Winner - An Irish Goodbye
Directed by Tom Berkeley, Ross White
First Runner - Father Tongue
Directed by Ivgeny Gashinsky
Second Runner - Sunshine
Directed by Martha Goddard

Karnataka Competition

Winner - Alegalu Helida Kathe
Directed by Raghu Raghava
First Runner - Nammane
Directed by Sampath Kannanth
Second Runner - Last Order
Directed by Prashanth Gowda
Second Runner - Enso
Directed by Megha J Shetty
Special Mention - Alegalu Helida Kathe for Editing
Directed by Raghu Raghava
Special Mention - Liberated for Casting
Directed by Medini Kelamane